An item is the most granular unit of the collection available through the API currently. In general an Item is the equivalent of the object you see inside a museum showcase. An Item has a large number of descriptive data fields that explain what it is, why the museum has, as well as where possible who made, used and designed it, where and when. Not all Items have a full set of data fields.





List items:

Specific item:



&start={x} start at item number x (integer, optional, default=0)

&limit={x} reurn x items in list (integer, optional, maximum=100, default=50)



'begins' Matches for when the term is at the start of the field only.

'ends' Matches for when the term is at the and of the field only.

'lt' Does a less than comparison.

'lte' Does a less than or equal to comparison.

'gt' Does a greater than comparison.

'gte' Does a greater than or equal to comparison.

'in' Term may have multiple comma separated values any of which is matched for in field via a 'contains' search.

'exact' Field must match term exactly (case sensitive).

'isblank' If term is 1 this filter matches when the field is empty, null or zero.

Use &{field}_isblank=0 to only return results where the field has some content.

So to find all collections where the name of the collection begins with 'tyrrell' use: