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Collections are clusters of objects given to the Museum by a specific donor as a group. They often represent the work of a particular person or company such as the Hedda Morrison Photographic Collection or The Tooths & Co Brewery Collection. Other collections are the result of the personal collecting of a donor, such as the Cavill Silverware Collection, a donation from Professor Kenneth Cavill of his collection of early 20th century Australian Silverware.




&start={x} start at item number x (integer, optional, default=0)

&limit={x} reurn x items in list (integer, optional, maximum=100, default=50)



'begins' Matches for when the term is at the start of the field only.

'ends' Matches for when the term is at the and of the field only.

'lt' Does a less than comparison.

'lte' Does a less than or equal to comparison.

'gt' Does a greater than comparison.

'gte' Does a greater than or equal to comparison.

'in' Term may have multiple comma separated values any of which is matched for in field via a 'contains' search.

'exact' Field must match term exactly (case sensitive).

'isblank' If term is 1 this filter matches when the field is empty, null or zero.

Use &{field}_isblank=0 to only return results where the field has some content.

So to find all collections where the name of the collection begins with 'tyrrell' use: